Vandal Enhances New Banksy Piece With Addition Of Massive Pen15

Popularly-elected representative of the entire street art community, Banksy, has had his most recent doodle, Art Buff – in which an elderly woman wearing headphones stares at a once-empty plinth – enhanced exponentially with the addition of a rogue peen a mere two weeks after it first appeared in the quant seaside town of Payers Park in Folkestone, Kent.

Rendered in a manner best described as ‘lovingly and with great care’, the spray painted peen was made manifest by magic as most peen are some time on Sunday evening. 

The Guardian report that the damage – what damage? – is not expected to be permanent (not unlike Banksy’s relevance, or life itself) and was sheathed in clear, protective plastic soon after to prevent further phallic-flavoured misadventures. 
Inquiries by Kent police into the origin of The D are ongoing. Carry on.