The NSW Government has lambasted the Federal one over its total bungling of the vaccine rollout, and to that I say: woof.

In case you forgot, March 31 was the deadline Scott Morrison set for the administering of 4 million first doses of the Covid vaccine. Well, it’s March 31 today, and the government has missed its target by 3.4 million. You absolutely hate to see it.

Fronting media today, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Health Minister Brad Hazzard popped off at the Federal Government, which is something you don’t see every day considering both governments are Liberal ones.

“I am as angry as I have ever been in this 15 months of war against this virus,” Hazzard said.

“I am extremely angry. I know there are other health ministers in the country who share similar views. It is not appropriate that we wake up and find figures put into the media that haven’t been shared with any State or Territory governments. It is not appropriate that those figures be put in a light that is misleading.”

brad hazzard

Earlier, News Corp had published an article quoting Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly telling states not to hoard doses of the vaccine. The SMH also reports that an article in the News Corp papers quoted federal government figures suggesting the NSW government had distributed just 96,273 doses of the supplied 190,61.

However, Hazzard said they actually had 45,000 doses essentially “dumped” on their front door with no prior warning.

“If you’re going to win a war you can’t have the tanks and the artillery all dropped at the airport and told about it, and then go public about it,” Hazzard said.

“A few days later, you’ve got to know [what your] supply lines are and you’ve got to be able to work to those.”

Berejiklian also lambasted the federal government, saying it was “extremely unfair” they were given less than 48 hours notice for doses of the vaccine, and that the facts presented by the government insider were “not true”.

According to Berejiklinan, around 150,000 people in NSW have now received the vaccine; two-thirds of those people were provided with the vaccine by the NSW government, with the remaining 50,000 getting their vaccine from the federal one.

“Just to put things in perspective,” Berejiklian said.

“We want to work with the Federal Government to make that happen but I will not have untrue statements made publicly about what is a complex system and I want to take this opportunity [to say] how grateful I am to all the health workers who are involved in the vaccine program but also the people who have received the vaccine.”

NSW isn’t the only state having a red hot crack.

Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles went for the jugular on Twitter, blaming the Federal Government for the failed vaccine rollout.

“This morning [deputy leader of the Nationals] David Littleproud said that the Federal Government should give an uppercut if the vaccine rollout wasn’t up to scratch,” Miles said.

“Well he should give himself an uppercut.”