Australians fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will get the chance to go into the running and win one million dollarydoos, in a new initiative run by philanthropists and corporations who want to drive vaccination rates up to 80% as quickly as possible.

The campaign called Million Dollar Vax will give away $4.1 million worth of prizes, including weekly $1000 gift cards and of course, the big $1 million prize which will be given away on November 5 — according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

“The faster we reach higher vaccination rates nationally, higher than 80 per cent, the sooner we all can safely resume our full range of community and business activity,” said Craig Winkler of the Million Dollar Vax Alliance and co-founder of software firm MYOB.

“The purpose of the promotion is not to convince people to be vaccinated. That’s a decision you should make in consultation with a health professional.”

The idea even has backing from Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

“It’s great … anything we can do to encourage people,” Andrews told reporters on Sunday.

“I’m not so fussed by what motivates you, whether it’s for your health, the health of the people that you love, to protect their health system … or to win $1 million. Just go and get vaccinated.”

The campaign is inspired by a similar initiative run by the US state of Ohio, offering $1 million US dollars ($1.38M AUD), as well as a full college scholarship to children aged 12 to 17. The idea was also launched in other states like Colorado, Maryland and Oregon.

Australians over 18 are eligible, and yes even those who are already fully vaccinated. Winners will need to have had their first dose before October 31, and their second six weeks after that.

The competition will officially launch tomorrow.