Among all the hullabaloo around the dearly departed Matt & Alex, another sad piece of news emerged out of the world of Triple J – they’re also losing Lunch legend Lewis McKirdy, who is heading over to the UK after six years in his post, presumably for banter-adjacent reasons.

At PEDESTRIAN.TV we are not only committed to bringing you the news, but also woefully under-signed petitions on that deserve your love and attention. This one – Change DoubleJ into a 24/7 Lewis McKirdy Radio Station – seems like a good idea worthy of your time.

As the creator states:

It’s for the good of the nation! He was the only man who knew whathat was up!  He had legends every Friday throw down on the platters that matter, he has classic banter, he just gets the common man!

Any way I say we ditch DoubleJ and just play the greatest moments of the last 10 years of Triple J (every Lewi segment) plus great new content from the Old Boy of the Beug everyday!

Friends, this petition only 23 signatories out of a desired 100. I’m not sure that 100 would be enough for station management to turn DoubleJ into a 24/7 Lewis McKirdy station – even if his banter is top notch and he understands the common man – but there’s only one way to find out, right?


Photo: Facebook.