V Energy Is Delivering Free Cases Of V Direct To Your Mouth/Office

Quick questions:

A) Are you, or do you have plans to be, in the Sydney CBD today or the Melbourne CBD tomorrow?

B) Do you currently have full use of your mouth?
C) Do you like free stuff, delivered straight to your office/home/dungeon or otherwise?
You’re in luck: the slingers of energy drinks we love to mix with vodka, V, are helping crush the 3pm slump for office werkers in Sydney and Melbourne by delivering tinnies of its newest beverage V ZERO (yah, it has zero sugar in it) right to your mouth via courier, for the grand total price of zip.

Here’s the dealio: vans filled with cans of V are currently parked around the city, LOOK.
If you’re in the Sydney CBD on Wednesday October 21 (that’s today, ppl) or the Melbourne CBD on Thursday 22 Oct 2015, between 1pm and

3pm, alls you have to do is pre-order your free V

ZERO case HERE and – 12 mins* later – start-up courier service Sherpa will hand deliver your icy-cold order.

* They’ve promised a 12 min turnaround time, so you have permission to pelt the delivery guy with cans if he’s a minute longer.
Then it’s back to work.

Image via Fox.