V-Day Should Be For Showing Love To All Ppl In Your Life Not Just The Ones You Want To Smooch

V-Day is a divisive subject. Some people shudder at the very thought of a Hallmark-inspired consumerism-driven capitalist’s dream of a holiday, while others relish the opportunity to have a whole entire day dedicated to the one they adore. 

Personally, I have swung between both extremes in my life, and looking back with the gift of hindsight, my feelings on the holiday seem to have swung depending on who I was going to spend that day with. 

But now, with the slightly less shiny gift of old age and the ‘wisdom’ that comes with it, I have realised something. Your enjoyment of Valentine’s Day shouldn’t depend on whether you’re in love or out of love with the very concept of love — cos that’s just a set-up for a bad time. 

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. My friends, I am here to remind you that Valentine’s Day should be for celebrating all your loves. Not just the ones you wanna bang.

Why not spread some love to strangers?

After all, are they not just friends you haven’t met yet? On that note, time for a story. My friend Maria has a cute anecdote on spreading Valentine’s Day love. 

“When I worked as an usher and bored in the cloakroom, I would cut cloak tags into hearts and decorate them during my shift and then hand them out to the in-house staff. They were greatly appreciated.”

Isn’t that bloody adorable??? It perfectly encapsulates what Valentine’s Day should be about, spreading love. Period. 

Don’t forget about ya rents

Parents amirite? Can’t live with em, you literally wouldn’t be alive without em. Sure, they have their odd quirks and old-people-isms. But guess what pal? That’s literally gonna be you when you’re older and the cycle of cringe will continue. It is the circle of life.

Cringe aside, your parents most likely did a half-decent job in raising you — unless you’re one of those people who play music loudly on public transport, in which case this does not apply and please move on to the next point.

But for the rest of you! Why not show them how much you appreciate the gift of life? Living is pretty neat, so show ’em some appreciation!

So go ahead and buy your mum flowers, grab your dad some Instant Scratch-Its tickets (if he wins big he’ll owe ya a jetski at the very least). Now wouldn’t that be sweet?

Friends V-Day is a good V-Day

Look, chances are you’re probs gonna break up with the person you’re with now. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger kid, but you can do better. And you know who knows that? Your friends.

They are there for you when you’re single and they’re there for you when you’re wishing you were single, and everything in between. So get your best friend that signed Celine Dion poster she’s been eyeing off — she’ll love it. And hey, maybe next year she’ll return the favour and you’ll finally get a signed life-size Tom Cruise cutout. It’s a win-win.

Don’t forget about ya pets

Of course, spend V-Day with your beloved and betrothed, and don’t forget about those old folks that birthed you, the friends that have your back while you peter in and out of relationship after relationship, but most importantly, even your pets deserve a lil heart shaped treat do they not??

Of course they do. Your pets love you unconditionally. No matter what kind of day you’re having, you can always rely on your little ball of fur (or scales if you’re into that) to be there to cheer you up. Sure, they might not fully understand the concept of Valentine’s Day — as far as you know, that is — but why let that stop you from showering your little critters with love and affection? 

You deserve some love too

And hey, don’t forget about yourself too. Another Valentine’s Day marks another year. In a way, isn’t that enough to celebrate yourself? You’re still around, you’re still kicking, you deserve a treat too! 

So go take yourself on a nice lil solo date, try a new restaurant, see a movie, donate to a charity you care about, and eat that entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s if your heart so desires. You do you.

My main point with all this hullabaloo is that Valentine’s Day should be for all. 

Valentine’s Day is your day to show love in your way.

No matter who you’re showing love to this V-Day, grab a few Instant Scratch-Its and make their (or your) day. Go on, spread a little bit of excitement with the perfect gift for literally anyone in your life. Even your pet.