Things you normally expect to see on a peak-hour morning train in Melbourne:

  • Sweaty, irritable commuters.
  • Occasionally broken shells of humans still oozing their way home from last night.
  • The odd unwell person happily nattering away to themselves about the Government.
  • Tall people’s armpits.

Generally speaking it’s not the most romantic place in the world. But earlier this morning a humble city-bound Frankston line service turned into the Love Train, when one besotted bloke dropped to a knee and proposed to his partner right there on the spot.

The yarn goes that Hannah and Ryan met on a packed train around 10 years ago. After exchanging the odd flirtatious look over the coming days and weeks they went on a date and the rest, as they say, is etc.

Flash forward 10 years and Ryan, with a little assist from the train’s driver, got down on bended knee – boldly ignoring what horrors coat the floor of your average Metro Trains carriage – as the packed train quickly whipped out every mobile device possible to capture the special moment.


Ryan, who spoke to 3AW after the public (transport) proposal, said he couldn’t think of a more perfect place to ask Hannah to marry him, bringing their relationship around full-circle.

“We first met on the train almost 10 years ago. I thought ‘what a fitting place to pop the question’. She had no idea it was coming. We were just on our way to work. The train was pretty packed. I think they were stunned. It’s not the usual thing you see on your way to work on a Friday morning.”

“I had to wake her up at first with a bit of a kiss. She had absolutely no idea.”

And if you were wondering how on earth you’d just get off the train at Flinders St and go to work as normal after a morning commute like that, the answer is: They didn’t.

Rather than going to work, the pair decided to fob it off, heading back home for a well-deserved bonus long weekend.

I just proposed to my future wife and she said yes” seems about as good an excuse as you’ll ever get to not touch on, we reckon.

Congrats, kids!

Source: The Age.

Photo: Twitter.