We Finally Have An Explanation For The Mysterious Utah Monolith & No, It’s Not A Red Bull Ad

utah monolith

The mystery behind the elusive Utah Monolith has likely been solved and somehow it’s not a guerrilla marketing campaign for RedBull.

After weeks of popping up, then disappearing without a trace, somebody has finally claimed responsibility for the Monolith.

The Most Famous Artist has taken to Instagram to seemingly claim responsibility, but also flog them for $45,000USD each, if you’re in the market for a big fuck off silver monolith in your front garden.

The account is a collective of stunt artists who all work under the title ‘The Most Famous Artist’, founded by Matty Mo – aka the guy behind the “Hollyweed” stunt.

Honestly, I am shocked that this isn’t an ad for something ridiculous. But if it wasn’t a guerrilla marketing campaign, it was bound to be some hipster artist trying to get filthy rich.


I’m not quite sure who the target demographic is for the $45,000 hunk of metal, or if they’ve had any luck selling them yet. But they’re definitely trying.

“I am not able to say much because of legalities of the original installation,” Mo told Mashable when asked about the monoliths. “I can say we are well known for stunts of this nature and at this time we are offering authentic art objects through monoliths-as-a-service. I cannot issue additional images at this time but I can promise more on this in the coming days and weeks.”

Obviously, there’s no real way to prove whether or not Mo and his team are actually behind the stunt, but this is the best explanation we’ve got so far, so I’m going to accept it as a fact.