US Vice President Joe Biden Adorably Married Two White House Staffers

We’ve got precious little time left in the terms of Barack Obama and Joe Biden as President and Vice President of the United States, and the pair themselves are apparently extremely aware of it.

On the one hand, Obama’s approval ratings have been soaring to peaks not seen since 2011 (which is significant for a country whose right-leaning mainstream media has been battering him harder than a Dagwood Dog).
And on the other, Biden has been touring around with very few remaining fucks to give. He’s already made a quick trip out our way to catch a (terrible) game of footy, and he’s used his industry connections to score a walk-on role on ‘Law & Order: SVU,’ which is the kind of late-career goal only the maddest of mad dogs can hope to tick off.
In between all that (plus the excellent work he’s doing as an ambassador for cancer research, of course) Biden’s found some time in the ole’ schedule to help a pair of lovestruck fools tie the knot.
The actual Veep presided over the nuptials of Brian and Joe, two White House staffers who got hitched at Biden’s actual house. The Vice Prez posted this goddamned adorable photo to Twitter earlier today.

The happy couple asked Big Papa Joe to preside over the ceremony, the first time Biden’s ever officiated a wedding.

The couple (who, uh… goddamn they look similar as HELL) reportedly met at work where Brian Mosteller serves as the director of Oval Office operations, and where Joe Mahshie reportedly works as a trip planner for Michelle Obama.
Imagine… just… just bloody imagine when Biden has to leave office and surrender the @VP handle to either the human equivalent of a waiting room magazine in Tim Kaine, or Mike Just Placed Fourth In A Clint Eastwood Lookalike Contest” Pence.
At the very least, you certainly wouldn’t ever see Leslie Knope staunching out secret service over those two.

Source: Uproxx.
Photo: Joe Biden/Twitter.