Amid the current protests, one person has been championed by the internet after walking the streets with a strawberry cheesecake, a couple wine glasses and some milk. A real vibe.

In a recent KIRO-TV news report covering protests in Downtown Seattle, camera crew focused in on one girl peacefully walking with the cheesecake, in pristine condition.

“You can see someone actually walking away with a cheesecake there, after the Cheesecake Factory was looted,” the report can be heard saying. “Unclear where they may have gotten that.”

The irony of this woman calmly walking off with a strawberry cheesecake alongside the ‘BREAKING NEWS: PROTEST TURNS DESTRUCTIVE’ banner is not lost.

The reporter’s also been praised for being the “queen of not snitching”, after refusing to join the dots between the recent Cheesecake Factory being looted and this person walking away with a strawberry cheesecake. A true friend.

The cheesecake owner has been universally heralded for serving us some nonchalant, cake-holding energy.

“With everything going on,” one user commented, “sometimes you have to take a moment to treat yourself.”

Image: KIRO-TV