US Military Seals The Deal With Australia

Visiting US President Barack Obama has spoken about the importance of his country’s ties to Australia the Asia-Pacific region, and Prime Minister Julia Gillard has sealed the relationship with the announcement of plans to bring a de facto American Marine base to Northern Australia. That will be beneficial for the US troops because they’ll learn how to stay able-bodied in vigorous temperatures, drive a Range Rover over sand, and other survival tactics regularly employed by the Bush Tucker Man.

Rest assured, the insertion of US military into Australia has absolutely nothing to do with potential conflict. Oh heavens no. Mr Obama directly addressed the situation of his country’s current stalemate with China and North Korea. He said “All of our nations have a profound interest in the rise of a peaceful and prosperous China.”

By being accommodating blokes Australia is essentially letting the United States be in a much more convenient spot from which to have chats with our Asia-Pacific neighbours, and it sounds like we’ll be in some way rewarded for our hospitality. At Mr Obama’s address to Australia’s Federal Parliament yesterday he referenced this cool deal: “As President, I have therefore made a deliberate and strategic decision – as a Pacific nation, the united States will play a larger and long-term role in shaping this region and it’s future -by upholding core principles and in close partnership with our allies and friends.”

Who knows what the future holds! To be continued…