US Lottery Abandons Reality, Might Actually Reach A $1.3B Prize Pool

Although the prize pool figure on the U.S Powerball lotto has been known to climb pretty bloody high, it’s usually dwarfed by some other numbers: for example, every week millions upon millions of Americans don’t win the bloody thing.

The punters’ odds are pretty staggering too, as the chances of correctly picking the six randomly chosen numbers in today’s draw were calculated as 1 / 2,922,000.

Hypothetically, if we were to randomly tag a citizen of the Nordic/Baltic paradise Lithuania and ask you to go and find ’em, you’d be a far sight more likely to do so than win the lotto – their population tops out at around 2.9 million, too. Ergo:

Still, those figures don’t make the number $1.3 billion any less mind-boggling. That’s the amount of dosh that could be up for grabs on Wednesday, after precisely zero people had 32-16-19-57-34 & 13 on their ticket stubs for today’s $949m jackpot. That figure’s already smashed the record for the highest lottery jackpot in North America. 

Oh, that’s a cool $1.86 billion Dollarydoos, too. 
Thanks to their tax regulations on winnings, any possible winner next week would be left with less than a billy to their name. Chump change, tbh.
Source: AP. 
Photo: NBC.