US Lawmakers Pass Stricter Rape Laws 66-0 In Response To Brock Turner

The California State Assembly unanimously passed a bill 66-0 to close the loophole that allowed convicted Stanford rapist Brock Turner to receive only a 6 month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in January 2015.

Judge Aaron Persky came under fire in June after handing down the ridiculously lenient sentence to Turner on the basis that time in prison could have a damaging impact on him and jeopardise his future.
As it stands, California law carries a minimum prison sentence without probation for those convicted of rape, but only if it involves penile penetration. AB 2888 would apply the same punishment to “those convicted of rape, sodomy, penetration with a foreign object and oral sex if the victim was unconscious or incapable of giving consent due to intoxication.
Democrat Bill Dod, who co-authored the bill, says that it’s about working to change the culture of acceptance:

“This bill is about more than sentencing, it’s about supporting victims and changing the culture on our college campuses to help prevent future crimes.”

Telling the floor during the debate:

“If we let a rapist off with probation and little jail time, we re-victimize the victim, we dissuade other victims from coming forward and we send a message that sexual assault of an incapacitated victim is just no big deal.”
Having passed the State Assembly, the bill is now sitting with California’s governor, Jerry Brown.

Turner is due to be released on September 2nd, after having served only half of his sentence. For fuck’s sake.

Source: Jezebel.
Photo: Queerty.