US Judge Extends Block On Trump’s Outrageous Travel Ban Indefinitely

I don’t think there’s any sweeter schadenfreude than seeing the Big Orange Baby not get the terrible, racist, garbage toys he so desperately wants. Chuck a tanty all you like, Big D, you ain’t getting a trip to Disneyland!
In this issue of Donald Trump’s Series Of Embarrassing Failures, a federal judge in Hawaii has upheld and extended the order blocking Trump’s notorious anti-Muslim travel ban, which means that the government is still unable to actually prevent people from the six majority Muslim countries from entering the United States, and they’re also unable to stop the current U.S. refugee program. 

The extension on the block came after hours of (what I assume was) boring legal arguments in front of Hawaiian U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson. The state of Hawaii was arguing that the government’s policy both religiously discriminates against Muslims (duh) and is a danger to the state’s tourism-based economy. 
The government, meanwhile, argued that they were allowed to enforce the ban in order to protect national security. They also attempted to wheedle Watson into letting them mess with the refugee program because they said it wouldn’t affect Hawaii, for some reason. 
Judge Watson was having none of that, saying in a written statement:
“It makes little sense to [halt the flow of refugees]. That is because the entirety of the Executive Order runs afoul of the Establishment clause, where openly available data support a commonsense conclusion that a religious objective permeated the government’s action.”
Basically: I see what you’re trying to do, you bigots, and it’s not going to happen. 

The government will almost definitely appeal this decision, but they have their hands tied on the whole travel ban thing until it goes to trial. Imagine how that must sting.
I love every single thing about this. I love that rampant, government-level Islamophobia has been curtailed by no-nonsense legal experts; I love that it continues to be abundantly obvious that the Trump administration learned everything they know about running a country from mid-90s action movies; I love that the attitude of Judge Watson, and all the other judges involved in suing the government (suing the government!! god bless America) can best be described as this:
Add this to the not-with-a-bang-but-a-whimper dissolving of the Republicans’ proposed healthcare reform, and the entire Trump debacle is starting to feel at least a little bit more comical than it is terrifying. 
Source: AP.
Image: Getty.