Welp, A Humane Dairy Farm Is Dressing Tiny Pups In Tinier Halloween Outfits

Ever wondered how great it would be for Halloween to have some kind of advent calendar, much like Christmas does? Why does Xmas get all the fun of little presents every day until the 25th? Why the hell can’t Halloween have little treats (and no tricks) for each day leading up to Samhain? Well friends, a humane goat/dairy farm in Texas in the US has got you covered – with 31 days of their tiniest residents trying out teeny-weeny fancy dress every day in the lead up to October 31. Tiny baby pups in tiny puppy Halloween costumes. Prepare yourselves, this is the cutest shit I’ve seen all year.

Now for the rest of this story, it’s just going to be impossibly adorable photos of ridiculously small puppies wearing little felt hats and stuff and me screaming intermittently. We cool? Nice. Good. Here we go.

Blue Heron Harm, a self-described “thoughtful, humane goat farm/dairy” is playing absolutely zero tricks, and instead treating everyone online to an ongoing costumed photoshoot with a few of their VERY fresh pups. I’m talking like barely-opened-their-eyes kinda fresh.

Without further ado, here’s Baby October 1, in a fetching sushi number made of crepe paper and a sponge.

Oh my GOD how is this even allowed online I’m damn near weeping at my desk over how PRECIOUS THIS BABY IS.

Okay okay okay, here’s October 2.

I just… I cannot deal with this. The sleepiest baby all tucked up all cozy and warm in a little mermaid tail that looks like it’s an old sock that’s been repurposed. My god damned HEART.

Holy hell bloody tell Clark Kent to take a hike, this adorable fuzzy nugget is all the saving I ever need thank you very much.


This is ridiculous. Tiny felt bee. A tiny puppy as a bee in an incy wincy costume. I’m done (I’m not done.)

Cos what’s better than a bee? A tiny sparkly butterfly, of course.

Honestly, this is just taking me so long to write because I have to stop and gaze lovingly at each puppy. My desire to gently boop its snoot, to pat its head with the tip of my finger, to gently coddle the pup and huff that New Puppy Smell is unbelievably strong.

This bug theme is breaking my heart HOW ARE YOU SO SMALL AND FULL OF SASS????

And what do bugs love? Flowers. That’s right.

I love *THIS* flower, too. So much. I want to adopt this flower and raise him as my perfect son. I love him.

I’m getting so upset because I want to cuddle all the puppies but I cannot! They are too far away. They don’t even know I exist, and it breaks my damn HEART.

Ok, I’m just going to go dump a bunch of my favourite ones below, because there’s literally one for EVERY day of the month. It’s so many (it’s 22 so far) and I can’t even express my feelings properly at this point because they’re all just so fucking CUTE it’s actually painful to me.


And then there are some very excellent group photos like this Full English spread.

Alright, I’ll stop. But please know that these little cuties are being dressed up every damn day until Halloween and I am *so* ready for that last costume, it’s going to ruin me entirely.