Ordinarily we’d shy away from amplifying the many batshit howls from the depths of US conservative politics, however this happens to be one of the rare occasions where that powerfully dumbass world notices ours over here in Australia and attempts to make comment. And so, here we are: A one-time US congressional candidate (who got mercilessly flogged in their election) has become aware of the lockdown restrictions currently in effect in Melbourne, and has made a very piss-poor attempt at turning that into a dog whistling hoot on social media.

DeAnna Lorraine, a one-time Republican candidate in California and now a full-time dumbass online, attempted to hook into the lockdowns on Twitter this morning by spouting several overt lies before likening the whole scenario to “literally prison.”

The single tweet citing a bland BBC report on the implementation of lockdown restrictions in Victoria also called them “total enslavement,” claimed that “Australians” not just Victorians “aren’t allowed to leave their own homes for 6 plus weeks” and called the whole thing “SICK.”

California, it should be noted, recorded more coronavirus cases in a single day last week than Australia has recorded in total across the entire pandemic. Also Victorians are very much allowed to leave their homes for any one of four mandated reasons. But this kind of wilful ignorance is practically page one of the US culture wars playbook, so here we are.

In better news, the post has been shredded to literal pieces by just about every Australian under the sun.

It’s worth noting that Lorraine claims, quite proudly, that she “just completed her widely watched run against political Goliath Nancy Pelosi,  in California’s 12th Congressional District,” and that “although she ultimately lost her race to a radical Socialist, her battle was hard fought and won the hearts of Americans all across the nation with her guts, honesty, and bold, unconventional campaign strategies.”

Pelosi, in that election, received 89,460 votes or around 72.5% of the total vote. Lorraine scored 2,653 votes, which equates to just 2.1%.

Hopefully, you’d like to think, this will be her only actual moment of political relevance. And it’s because a country half the world away from her collectively told her to fuck off one day.

So that’s something.