Upcoming “Glitter Boob” March For Consent Threatened By Violent Trolls

glitter boob march consent

A march for consent organised by two women in New Zealand has been targeted by online trolls threatening to drive through the participants.

A Glittery March For Consent was conceived by Madeline Anello-Kitzmiller and Jolene Guillum-Scott after Anello-Kitzmiller was groped at a NZ festival in December, while wearing only glitter on her top half.

Video of the incident, in which a man runs up behind Anello-Kitzmiller, grabs her breast, then runs off – after which she chases him down and hits him a number of times – has been widely shared, and has garnered both praise and criticism.

Now, the two woman are organising a march designed to draw attention to issues of consent, particularly women’s right to not be touched without permission.

However, the Facebook event page has attracted some ugly and abusive messages, including one that appears to reference the numerous vehicle terror attacks that have been in the news lately, saying “I’m gonna be there with my car“.

Other messages run the usual gamut of name-calling, victim-blaming and minimisation.

However, the two women have said that the march will still go ahead – they’re just not broadcasting the location to the 200+ attendees until right before the event.

Anello-Kitzmiller told the NZ Herald:

Someone said they were going to be there in there in their car, implying they would run people over which has happened elsewhere in the world, and called me a ‘fucking slut’ and told me to ‘go back to my own fucking country’. 

It shows us people care more about what women are ‘allowed’ to do with their bodies than about the countless victims whose numbers grow every day – regardless of whether people actually hear about them. 

Anyone who calls us a slut or says we are attention seeking really has not taken the time to see what we are standing for and is simultaneously outing themselves as someone who supports rape culture.