This Uni Comes With A ‘Purification Grave’ ’Coz Sometimes You Need A Little Self-Care

university grave

Move over therapy dogs and free Red Bulls at uni because this university has taken self-care to a new level with their very own purification grave.

If you’ve ever been to uni, you’d know that there are times when you’d simply rather drop dead than go to class. And now, if you attend Radboud University in The Netherlands, you can literally just hang out in a grave.

The concept has gone viral on Twitter after student Adam (@SPYKIDS2) shared the purification grave and his experience at the campus in a series of tweets.

Since being posted at 6:24am on October 14, the post has already amassed a whopping 3.4k retweets and 12.9k likes, along with a tonne of replies.

The grave is run by the student chaplaincy (aka student church) at the university, which gives you a pillow and a mat to rest on during your visit. When using the ‘facility’, phones and books are strictly prohibited. To fully immerse yourself in the grave, you’ve just gotta lay there with your thoughts.

I’m not quite sure why the church group are such a big fan of chucking people in graves, but who am I to judge? Maybe you just need to lay in the dirt and think about life.

In addition to the grave itself, the student church also directed a slightly terrifying video of them digging the grave. You know, to set the mood.

If you’d like to pretend you’re dead, you can book the facility for a maximum of three hours, or a minimum of thirty minutes. I’m not quite sure what happens if you try to leave before the thirty minutes is up but Adam was apparently “trying to imagine being shoved back into a grave by the student pastor as therapy.”

According to Adam, he was approached on campus in his first week and told “yes we offer lots of services there is a coffee morning every Wednesday and also we have a grave which you may come and lie in and pretend you are dead if you wish.”

Honestly, free coffee on Wednesday mornings and pretending you’re dead? This university sounds like a dream.

If you miss out on the free coffee on Wednesdays, you can always swing by the 0n-campus Death Cafe. Yes. Radboud University has both a grave and a death cafe.

After reading Adam’s tweets and doing a little research of my own, this university sounds incredible. They’ve got massage chairs in the library, free coffee, arts and crafts and a purification grave. What more could you possibly need?

Is this an attempt to stop students saying they want to die? Is there any psychological benefit to lying in a big hole in the ground? I simply must know. Stay tuned for my thesis on the benefits of lying in a grave at uni.