Unexpected Advice from 5 of Pedestrian.TV’s Favourite Entrepreneurs

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After 10 years of running Pedestrian, we’ve been lucky enough to have met hundreds of entrepreneurs and innovators that continue to inspire us on a daily basis. Here are five kick-ass entrepreneurs we’ve met along the way, and their unexpected advice across their fashion, music and tech ventures. 
Jodie Fox, Co-founder, Shoes of Prey

One of my first meeting’s with Jodie was in the Shoes of Prey offices, where she proudly displayed to me what would undoubtedly have been the first 3D printed shoe in Australia. For the uninitiated, Shoes of Prey offers a true Cinderella experience, allowing customers to build completely custom and one-off shoes manufactured exclusively for them. Since 2009, Shoes of Prey has raised millions of dollars in venture funding, launched global offices and physical retail presences across David Jones and Nordstrom in the US. When Jodie talks about getting things done it’s time to start taking notes. 
“Do everything before you’re ready. Don’t plan and wait till it’s perfect, just start doing everything immediately… You’ll learn more on your first day of doing than in many weeks of planning.” – Jodie Fox, Co-founder Shoes of Prey 
Danny Rogers, Founder of Laneway Festival & Lunatic Entertainment 
We first met Danny when we showed up to an early ‘St Jerome’s Laneway Festival’ in Melbourne armed with our video cameras and simply asked at the door if we could come in and film. Over the years since, we’ve watched Laneway grow into one of Australia’s premiere festivals with a Nostradamic ability to discover emerging acts before they become household names. Between running one of Australia’s biggest festivals, Danny’s also found the time to build the careers of the likes of The Temper Trap, Gotye, Mansionair, D.D Dumbo and Chvrches through his management company. So, when Danny talks about the impact of your gut when it comes to meeting people, it’s probably best you listen. 
“If you get a good feeling when you meet someone in the first 30 seconds, chances are high that you’ll find a true connection. Nearly everyone that I’ve ever met that gave me low energy vibes straight up (and vice versa) has been anything other then a ship in the night… Luckily I can genuinely say that I’ve been very blessed to meet and nurture some incredible friendships over the years but this hard and fast law of people has always applied” – Danny Rogers, Founder, Laneway Festival & Lunatic Entertainment 
Jai Al-Attas, Founder & CEO of Loqules 
Jai was only 16 when he started his first company Below Par Records. Since then, Jai’s launched a number of projects and is currently the brains behind Loqules which is a peer to peer marketplaces for rad experiences in the lifestyle space. Loqules can help you catch waves with Taj Burrow, brew beer with Young Henrys or train with Lauryn Eagle. 
“I’ve been creating my own companies for the past 15 years now and I’ve learnt a lot of stuff, some of it in the hardest way possible. However one of the biggest insights that I can share is that your main competitor is always going to be yourself. Lots of people have brilliant ideas and will talk about them all the time but very few will actually take the plunge and put it all on the line to make it happen. First of all you need to overcome the fear of failure and whatever excuses you create for yourself, then dive in, learn as you go, make shit up and keep moving forward. You’ll soon come to realise that you’re no longer one of those people that just talk about ideas, but you’re now one of those people that are actually doing it.” – Jai Al-Attas Founder & CEO, Loqules 
Sean Satha, Founder of Local Supply 
When your sunnies are gracing the faces of everyone from Cara Delevingne to Arnold Schwarzenegger, you know you’re on to something. Since launching just a few years ago, Local Supply has steadily built a local and international chain of stockists from David Jones to Opening Ceremony. Building an accessories brand that can gain the Cara D tick of approval requires focus and dedication. 
“Know when to say no”. An entrepreneur needs to be hard-working, versatile and opportunistic. So it’s tempting to say yes to every opportunity that crosses your desk. Unfortunately, a lot of these “opportunities” will distract you from stuff that requires your full attention. Your time is your most important asset. Invest your time carefully – and focus your attention on things that will get you where you want to be. – Sean Satha, Founder Local Supply 
Sarah Timmerman, Founder & Director of Beginning Boutique
We first met Sarah when she spoke on a panel for us on the topic of “How To Build and Grow Your Digital Empire.” Beginning Boutique is one of the most followed online shopping destinations in Australia, boasting just shy of 1million social followers across Instagram & Facebook and over $4million in yearly sales. Sarah has grown the business since day one and is a true force of nature and leader in Australian fashion. 
“The journey will take longer, be harder and cost more than you expect so make sure that you are prepared for the long haul. Overnight success is usually 10 years in the making. 10 years of extreme highs and lows, and learning all you can from everywhere you can!” – Sarah Timmerman, Founder & Director, Beginning Boutique 
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