The unarmed hotel security guard who first identified the Las Vegas gunman’s location and attempted to intervene has been praised for his heroism.

Jesus Campos endeavoured to find where mass shooter Stephen Paddock was sequestered in the Mandalay Bay hotel on Sunday night, said Dave Hickey, president of the union representing the hotel’s security detail.

As Paddock conducted his attack, which left 59 dead and hundreds more wounded, Campos found the stairwells leading to the hotel’s 32nd floor were blocked. He took the elevator instead.

Carrying nothing but a nightstick, Campos located the sound of Paddock’s gunfire, and attempted to open the suite’s barricaded door. Paddock, who rigged the door’s peephole with a camera, fired at him. Campos was hit in the leg.

He was able to radio back to the hotel’s dispatch centre, confirming Paddock’s vantage point above the Route 91 Harvest music festival. Police and SWAT teams were able to use this information to find the suite and fire through the door at Paddock.

Law enforcement authorities were eventually blow open the door of the suite, where they found Paddock dead by suicide.

The Daily Beast reports Paddock’s attack could have been even more horrific had Campos not intervened. Police forces agree. Speaking of Campos and the hotel’s security team, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said “we would not have engaged [Paddock] in the time lapse we did without their assistance.”

Hickey said “I don’t think that our officers are recognized enough for the valuable role that they play in protecting property, people and even the nation.”

Campos is recovering from his gunshot wound in hospital.

Source: The Daily Beast
Image: David Becker / Getty