A pub full of punters in northern England have only just been able to get out and go home after one of the longest seshes this side of a time suck at Rev’s. Sadly it’s not a collective of people going on a massive hoon, but instead they were trapped in the UK’s highest pub after a massive snowstorm literally snowed them in. Ah shit, ah fuck, ah no what a damn shame.

Per The New York Times, around 60 people toddled up to the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire to check out Noasis — an Oasis cover band — on Friday night. When Storm Arwen blustered through as the gig was on, the pub’s manager Nicola Townsend realised the snow had piled up, blocking the exits, and forcing everyone to stay the night.

One night became two, and two became three, and by Monday morning (UK time), they were finally able to get out and head back to their homes. Three nights sleeping on the sticky carpets of the local pub with a cover band full of Gallagher brothers impersonators, I can’t tell if that’s heaven or hell on Earth.

Over the course of the weekend, a couple of pub patrons with young kids were able to get out through the help of some off-road drivers and a man had to be evacuated by a mountain rescue crew to attend to an ongoing medical condition he had. Everyone else, however, stayed in the pub and passed the time by playing cards, belting out karaoke, having singalongs, playing pub trivia, and being treated to multiple private live gigs from the Oasis cover band.

Ok no maybe I can get around this. Beyond the fact I’d be wearing the same pair of knickers from Friday to Monday, probably couldn’t have a shower, would be fighting people for the rare phone charger, and had to sleep on the floor of a pub — this could be a vibe.

It’s the ultimate lock-ins. There’s ample booze, a stocked industrial-sized kitchen, a massive projector screen to watch movies or the cricket, roaring fireplaces and someone has a dog (???). Is there anything more you could ask for? Hardly.

On Monday, a snow plow was able to come pass and shovel away all the snow that had trapped everyone inside the UK pub, and the majority of the punters scooted home, bar a couple who didn’t feel confident enough to drive back yet (or maybe they’d just necked a pint).

Anyway, here’s ‘Wonderwall’.

Image: Facebook / The Tan Hill Inn