Theresa May’s Dance Moves Embody Everyone’s Drunk Auntie In Viral Video

In today’s groundbreaking news, Theresa May has officially been confirmed as your auntie who has one glass too many at a family luncheon, hits the homemade D-floor against everyone’s wishes and girates in a series of movements that can only be compared to that of a faulty computer glitch.

The UK Prime Minister was on a 3-day trip to Africa, as part of a tour ahead of Brexit early next year, when she stopped by ID Mkize School to have a boogie. While you have to admire her tenacity, and her willingness to let her hair down, the internet couldn’t help but notice that May’s moves were a bit amiss.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for Twitter to have a solid yarn about her awe-inspiring moves and create some stellar renditions. From Drake and the Migos to The Inbetweeners, it’s admirable how easy her dancing fits into any genre.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to The Genre-Bending Dancing Queen Of 2018.

The trusty Twittersphere also uncovered a photo of the newly-appointed Dancing Queen busting out some similar moves back in ’07 at a party conference, rightly proving that you can never take the dance out of the girl.

Anyway, Theresa’s probably having a great ol’ cackle right now. You can’t blame a gal for trying.