Since the Brexit decision – WHICH WAS ONLY FOUR DAYS AGO – the racially-driven aggression that every ‘Remain’ voter expected to happen is occurring right in front of us. 

Hundreds of examples of aggressive and violent racism and hate speech have appeared on social media, and seeing them all is not only heartbreaking – it’s scary.

Racial tensions have escalated, which is believed to be because some regional sectors of the ‘Leave’ campaign told voters that migrants would have to return home, and that the borders would be closed to stop people from other countries migrating to the United Kingdom. (Sidenote: both of these claims are false and both pledges have already been backed away from by ‘Leave’ campaign politicians.)

The most recent example of racist hate-speech is laminated cards being put into people’s letterboxes in Huntingdon, a village near Cambridge. The cards stated that now the UK has left the European Union, there will be “no more Polish vermin”:

Cambridgeshire Police said that they are working on finding the distributors of the cards, and that they can face up to 7 years in jail for inciting racial hatred. Detective Superintendent Martin Brunning said, 

“Any reports of hate crime in the county will be fully investigated and it is vitally important that anyone who has received these leaflets or suffered similar abuse reports it.”

Here’s just a few more examples of the racially-driven hatred that people in the UK are experiencing after Brexit (there’s a whopping 118 images in this album, now):

A more Divided Kingdom, there has never been. 

Source: Twitter / Facebook. 

Photo: Twitter.