Uber Will Score You Ice (Not The Drug) Tomorrow, So Prep Yr Eskies

As contentious as the meaning of the day may be, there’s no changing the fact that tomorrow will indeed be a public holiday. And whether you choose to spend the day in quiet reflection, or if you’re one of the many who’ll join the marching throngs of people in support of greater Indigenous support and recognition, a well-earned drink is probably on the cards for you come the late afternoon.

And should you choose to enjoy said drink in a backyard somewhere with a couple of your near and dear, there’s no doubt gonna be the discussion/standoff over who was responsible for bringing the ice, and why they are a dolt for failing that task.
Luckily for whoever that fool is, there’s a big reprieve coming in the form of an exceedingly convenient Uber.
UberEATS is putting their delivery drivers to work tomorrow by bringing 5kg bags of ice direct to your door.
From 11am until 3pm tomorrow, all you’ve gotta do is fire up the app, search ‘backyardhero’ to find nearby available stores, and chuck the ice into the ole’ cart and watch it fly over to your doorstep.
What’s more, if you’re new to the whole miracle of delivery treats, you’ll be able to fang ‘BACKYARDHERO’ into the promo code box and get your bag of frozen water free of charge.
For those of you who are seasoned treat-fiends, bags will set you back $5 with a $5 delivery fee.
Demand for the service is expected to be reasonably high, so the earlier you get on it the better off you’ll likely be.
Respectfully enjoy the day off work tomorrow, pals. And please don’t ever forget to acknowledge the history of the ground you walk on.

Source: Uber.