After yesterday’s news that Deadliest Catch star Jake Harris was beaten and left for deadEverett police have announced that two people have been arrested in relation to the attack.

Harris was robbed, bashed and thrown onto the side of a freeway after allegedly getting into an altercation with at least 2 people in a vehicle. Though he refused medical assistance at the scene and was transported home by a police officer, his friends quickly identified that he needed urgent medical assistance and he was taken to hospital.

The two suspects were arrested in Spokane, Washington and will be taken to Snohomish County Jail on probable cause charges for robbery. It is unknown at this time whether they will also face assault charges.

Harris’ brother and fellow castmate on the popular show posted originally announced the assault via Facebook.

My brother was jumped last night and some individuals decided to beat him pretty good, which is a terrible, terrible thing. I have located these people and talked with him — he’s in ICU right now. Some individuals beat him to the point where it cracked his skull from his forehead all the way back to where you would be balding as an individual.”

“My brother is bleeding out of his brain currently. They literally beat my brother, left him for dead, threw him out of a moving vehicle onto the side of the freeway. Luckily the people that were behind the vehicle that he got thrown out of ended up seeing my brother and called 911.

We’ll keep you updated.

Source: Kiro 7.

Photo: Deadliest Catch.