Sydney queers, get ready to laugh. A gay as hell comedy festival is hitting Sydney next month and it features approx. one million of yours faves, including Zoë Coombs Marr, Nina Oyama, Rose Piper and more. (Allies, I guess you can come, too.)

The Two Queers Festival, a collab between comedy kweens Jenna Suffern and Brendan Hancock (from Two Queers Walk Into A Bar) and the Giant Dwarf Theatre, is taking place all next month.

There’s more than 30 shows for you to get around, including queer trivia, a panel about queer sex, a live table read of the iconic But I’m A Cheerleader, and of course, more comedy than you know what to do with. (Hint: see all of it.)

“After this year has been such a dumpster fire for the arts, it’s a chance to give queer comedians and musicians a chance to recoup at least a portion of lost funds due to cancellations of festivals this year… and of course, increase their dopamine production,” Suffern said.

Obvs the festival is still being run in the time of coronavirus, so face masks are strongly encouraged. Nearly every event will also be live-streamed, in case anyone is being forced to isolate, can’t attend the festival in person, or straight-up just wants to stay home. We love an accessible event.

Here’s a few lil highlights:

Zoë Coombs Marr: Hello Again, Hi There – a new comedy routine birthed from lockdown? What more could you want? Zoë described is as “part stand-up, part chat, part performance lecture, part acid flashback”, so you definitely don’t want to miss this performance from a bloody shining star of the Aussie comedy scene.

But I’m A Cheerleader Table Read – a bunch of your faves (Zoë, Bec Shaw, Vic Zerbst, Nina Oyama, Tommy Misa, Enoch Mailangi, Carlo Richie and Darren Lesagius, and ofc Jenna Suffern and Brendan Hancock) are doing a live table read of the cult queer film. Unfortunately this one is sold out, but Livestream tickets are still available!

Let’s Talk About Queer Sex – a panel discussion about the good, the awkward, and everything in between, with sex worker Tilly Lawless, gender fluid First Nations drag queen Felicia Fox, ACON manager Teddy Cook, and queer sexual health expert Dr Viv McGregor.

Queer Trivia – Dollar Bin Darlings’ Aunty Jonny is hosting this v. gay trivia event, with some solid prizes up for grabs.

The Two Queers Festival runs from November 6th to 21st and tickets are on sale right bloody now, so check out the full lineup here.

Image: Supplied