As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across Australia, the government is advising that public outdoor gatherings should be limited to two people, down from the previous recommendation of 10.

In a press conference on Sunday evening, Prime Minister Scott Morrison advised that restrictions should be tightened in an effort to minimise the spread of the coronavirus as the number of active cases nears 4,000.

So up until now that’s that been a restriction of 10 people in a gathering in an outdoor area or in a shopping centre or anything like this. The advice now is that – I should stress that that 10-person limit, that is enforceable now in most states and territories and can carry very significant on the Spot fines. That advice has now been strengthened to say that it should be reduced to two persons in public spaces and other areas of gathering,” Scott Morrison said on Sunday.

As it currently stands, a 10-person limit is enforceable by law, but the PM advised that states and territories may look to tighten this to reflect the new advice on a state-by-state basis.

“States and Territories will term whether they proceed to make this an enforceable limit in the same way that the 10-person limit is already been enforced but agreed that in all cases this is the strong advice of all states and Territories that unless it’s your household, the family, those that are living at your residence, that being with only one other person as a gathering outside is what is required.”

The new advice means that people (particularly women) will not have to walk alone for transport or exercise purposes, but no more than two people should be gathering in public places if at all possible.

However, Morrison later clarified that the rule excludes members of your own household.

Additionally, public areas such as playgrounds, skateparks and outdoor gyms will be closed from tomorrow. Furthermore, bootcamps (which we previously limited at 10 people) will now be reduced to two, essentially making it a one-on-one personal training session.

Following the National Cabinet meeting on Sunday, Morrison reinforced the public health advice that “you must stay at home except for the following reasons:”

“A, shopping for what you need – food and other essential supplies that enable you to remain at home and to do that shopping as infrequently as possible.

B, for medical care or compassionate needs.

C, to exercise in compliance with the public gathering rules that I have already outlined.

D, for work and education if you cannot work or learn remotely.”

Scott Morrison summed up the public health advice, urging people to only leave the house for what they need.

“The strong advice is, don’t gather together in groups. That’s the simple way of doing it. Just don’t do it. It is not helpful. It actually creates is risk. When you are going out for shopping, you should be going for just stuff you need and do it and get home.”

To put it simply, stay the fuck home.

States and territories are expected to make their own announcements to reflect the updated public health advice in the coming days.