Two New Ways To Follow Pedestrian

Everyone has at some stage in life experienced the demoralising journey of job-seeking (with the possible exception of Brody Jenner).

Finding a job that you actually want can be a soul-destroying, sorrow-inflicting prick of a process – which is why we launched Pedestrian’s Job Site last year to assist future legends in the fields of music, fashion, publishing, media, film, TV, radio, art, culture, PR, advertising, digital, retail, hospitality, tourism, design and photography find employment.

To keep you updated on all the latest job opportunities we’ve launched the Pedestrian Jobs Facebook page for jobs-specific updates and news. We’ve also got a stand alone Pedestrian Jobs Twitter account which you can follow for up-to-the-minute announcements of the top jobs of the day.

OR if you prefer to have info delivered straight to your inbox you can sign up for Daily Job Alerts.

Look ma – we’re finally getting the hang of this whole social media thing.

They say good help is hard to find but so are jobs/careers that truly instill passion. To prospective employers and employees alike we offer this simple three word mantra – Love Your Work.