Welp, here’s one from the top shelf for you all. Victoria Police arrested two people who were spotted and filmed stripping naked on a platform at Flinders Street Station, before they danced around a stolen pot plant and appeared to engage in a lewd act.

The duo – a 25-year-old from Flemington and a 22-year-old from Richmond – were apprehended by station PSOs after the incident occurred at around 11pm last night.

Multiple people on the stations platforms witnessed the incident, with at least one filming the entire shebang.

The pair were reportedly spotted a short time prior stealing two pot plants from outside the nearby Melbourne Town Hall, before they transported them to the train station platforms where they subsequently de-clothed and engaged in the intensely weird incident.

Police spokesperson Leonie Johnson confirmed that the two men were arrested, and that police were investigating the incident.

PSOs arrested two men, a 25-year-old man from Flemington man and 22-year-old man from Richmond.

They were arrested after reports they were allegedly seen naked on the platform and stole two pot plants from outside Melbourne Town Hall.

Footage of the incident can be seen in the first few seconds of the video below which, be forewarned, contains multiple (censored) CCTV clips of people rooting caught in public, so hit play at your own risk.

Both are expected to be charged on summons with wilful and obscene exposure, as well as theft.

Still probably not the grossest or weirdest thing to have happened at Flinders St Station this week though, TBH.

Source: Herald Sun