Two Men Dead After Horror Skydiving Accident At Rural Property Near Sydney

A resident of Wilton, NSW called police and emergency services to a local property this afternoon after discovering two men dead after an apparent skydiving accident. 
The men, one in his 60s and one in his 20s, are thought to have been doing a tandem jump under the supervision of Sydney Skydivers. According to some reports, they were a student and an instructor. is reporting that the men landed on the driveway of a rural property, traumatising children who lived there. They spoke to Chase Stephenson, a co-owner of the property who said his seven-year-old daughter had “seen the aftermath.”
“She hasn’t seen them hit the ground but she is pretty traumatised. It’s a shocking thing for a young girl to see.”
He said his young niece and nephew were also on the property when the accident occurred. 
Sydney Skydivers has a “dropzone” in Picton very close to where they landed, and about 90km from Sydney itself. A crime scene has been established at the property. 
Our thoughts are with the men’s families.

Source: / ABC / 9NEWS.
Image: 9NEWS.