Two Men Caught Driving Lounge Chairs Around Newcastle, ’Coz What’s More Newy Than That?

Ever wanted to experience the world without having to leave the comfort of your couch? Well now you can, according to 7News.

Two men in Newcastle have been caught driving motorised couches through the streets on Sunday morning. And honestly, does it get more Newcastle than that?

Witnesses saw the pair driving the chairs on Sunday morning near Turton Road.

The drivers were allegedly driving carefully, sticking to the footpath and stopping at traffic lights. So at least they weren’t putting anyone in harm.

The person behind the camera claimed the couch potatoes were taking their chairs to the Big Boys Toy Expo, because how else are you supposed to get your motorised chair to the expo?

Kylie Davey, who caught the footage, shared it on Facebook with the caption ”something you don’t see every day.”

“It must have been an electrical powered disabled chair and they just had the recliners mounted to it and controllers on the arm rests of the chair,” Witness Gary Bush said. “It looks like these guys have manufactured them.”

The chair, dubbed the Lazy Boy MC, has a joystick controller and travels at a moderate speed.

The duo behind the chair have gone viral, with footage of their chair driving being shared around the country.

Police have asked for anyone who knows the drivers to come forward.