Two Massive Snakes Just Fell Through A Queensland Ceiling After Rooting Too Hard

A Queensland couple were minding their own business today when two frisky snakes came plummeting out of their ceiling.

Terrifying, I know.

The pair of Amethystine pythons (commonly referred to as scrub pythons) were getting it on in the roof of the White Rock property when it collapsed underneath them.

According to Cairns Snake Catcher’s Matt Hagan, the snakes have just started breeding season and because they’re urbanized, they’re “comfortable moving into people’s homes to do their business.”

“The couple could see the roof flexing and moving from the combined weight of about 40 kilograms, then pow. To see two snakes that size fall through your roof, they got out of there quick smart,” Mr Hagan said.

Mr Hagan came to remove the two five-metre snakes from the property.

If horny snakes aren’t terrifying enough, Mr Hagan also told the press that the scrub pythons also get aggressive towards each other during breeding season. You know, to impress the equally terrifying lady snakes.

Great. ANGRY horny snakes.

Apparently, it’s not uncommon to find scrub pythons in your roof during mating season (you’re welcome for that nightmare).

Mr Hagan advises that you should “set up gutter guards on your roof to minimise access points for them” if these legless nightmares are common in your area.

Although scrub pythons aren’t venomous, they’re angry little fellas with sharp teeth so you don’t want one falling through your ceiling.

Remind me to stay the hell away from Queensland and their crazy ceiling snakes for the rest of my life.