Three people have been arrested, and two clubs served with closure notices, following police raids overnight, targeting alleged cocaine supply in Kings Cross.

Per NSW Police reports, the two venues, both on Darlinghurst Road, were raided simultaneously at about 11pm last night, with more than 90 police, including dog squads, involved in the operation.

It is understood that staff at both venues were suspected of supplying cocaine to patrons. Fairfax report that strip clubs Bada Bing and Dreamgirls were the targets of the raid.

A 31-year-old Randwick woman was arrested, and faces charges related to the ongoing supply of a prohibited drug; the woman appeared in court today, and has been refused bail.

A 39-year-old Point Clare woman and a 23-year-old Lethbridge Park man were also arrested. Both face charges relating to the supply of drugs, and have been granted bail.

NSW Police say that more arrests are expected.

The venues in question were both slapped with 72-hour closure notices, which took effect at 2am today, and will remain in effect until 2am Wednesday December 23.

It is understood that police, along with the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing will be applying for long-term closure orders on both venues.

Earlier this month, panellists at Sydney’s Electronic Music Conference spoke about an organised pushback against the tough lockout laws in effect in Kings Cross. 

Rather than asking for a repeal of the laws, an organised group of venue owners plan to ask the state government to reward responsible venues, who play by the rules and don’t harbour offenders, rather than punishing everyone for the actions of a few.

Story: NSW Police

Photo: Luke Reynolds / Getty