Check Your Dad’s Money Jar Bc Some $2 Coins Are Now Worth Up To $550 Since The Queen’s Death

$2 coins two dollar coins

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II we’ve seen a few markets boom, including racist Meghan Markle headlines, Australian public holidays and according to experts, the coin industry.

Tiktoker and numismatist (expert in coins, for those of you playing at home) Joel Kandiah (@thehistoryofmoney) popped up a vid discussing the value of two Australian $2 coins, which has surged in recent weeks. Wonder why!

The two $2 coins in question are fancy coloured varieties, which Kandiah explains are the “lowest minted coloured coins in Australian history”.

The first is a 2012 Remembrance coin featuring a red poppy, of which only 503,000 were minted. Kandiah says these $2 coins are worth up to $370. Not bad for something that was literally worth $2 when it was made!

The other $2 coin, from the 2013 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation, features a purple design. Around 995,000 of these were minted and Kandiah says they are worth up to $180 RN.

As the money expert points out, “the coin collecting market is absolutely crazy right now”.


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I never knew I needed to be a coin collector, but suddenly I am elbow deep in my couch cushions trying to unearth gold. Might also stick my head under the car seats to see if a rogue $380 coin has ended up on the floor of my Subaru. You never know!

Aside from these two $2 coins, there’s plenty of random Australian currency that is actually worth big bucks. The very helpful (and wholesome) Kandiah posted another Tiktok vid showing a simple way to suss it out, so you can see if you’re sitting on a goldmine.

BRB entering every single coin’s year into eBay. A Queen’s mourning holiday spent right.