These Two Blind Cats Found Their Forever Home & Now They’re Best Mates

Oh STOP IT. Two blind cats – Max and Grace – were adopted out into the same home in San Francisco and have become the absolute best of mates.

I know, it’s almost too much to bear, but stick with me on this because it’s worth it.

Max was a kitten when his eyes had to be removed after being ruptured. Yeah I know, it sounds like a really shitty thing for a tiny kit to have to go through. Poor angel.

Once Max had grown up a bit and was comfortable in his digs, his humans – Janell and Justin – came across another blind kitty at the Saving Grace Rescue, where they had adopted Max.

They decided that the two of them would be the perfect support for each other and turn out, they were totally right.

Though Max and Grace were a bit wary of each other at first – as all cats tend to be – they quickly became best mates and now do legit everything together. Their Instagram is incredibly adorable, too.

Ugh stop it, my heart.

May your weekends be just as blissfully soft and beautiful as these two best mates who, despite all the odds, have found each other and are probably the most incredible friendship goals that any of us could ever want to be.

Ugh, I just cannot. I’m feeling ALL of my feelings at once.