Twitter Lost Its Mind After Trump Followed & Unfollowed Cute Kitten Account

The internet has made everything incredibly weird. Back in the day, the only things people knew about the president of the United States they had to gather from secondhand stories and rough judgements of character based on their likeness in wood carvings.
Now, though, with Twitter, we’re given hourly updates on their thoughts and opinions, and it’s more the case with Trump than it ever has been before with anyone else. Not at all a politician until very recently (and, arguably, not even one yet), Trump’s Twitter is an extremely rich source of insane, often contradictory opinions and weird musings about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.
A year ago people were occasionally retweeting him as a joke, now, though, people are keenly keeping an eye on his account in case he accidentally tweets nuclear launch codes or whatever and someone needs to tell his handlers.
So far, no nuclear codes, but he did cause a mild stir by following and unfollowing a cute kitten account.
Keen-eyed observers noticed that earlier today, Trump had begun following Emergency Kittens, which (as you might have guessed) posts pictures of kittens, ostensibly for emergencies – for example:

Minds were boggled by the seemingly completely random decision:

Because we’re human beings and we must, by our nature, attempt to ascribe meaning to the chaos and randomness of life, people were attempting to theorise why a kitten account and why now:

Emergency Kittens seemed pretty surprised by the development:

But unfortunately did not have time to send him even one terrible joke before he unfollowed them again:

Why did he do this? What does it mean? I have no fucking idea. How is this news, you might ask? It’s 2017, get used to news about Trump doing weird shit.
Photo: Getty Images / Win McNamee, Twitter / @EmergencyKittens.