With the news yesterday that Bill Shorten will instruct Labor MPs to block the same-sex marriage plebiscite, which would basically doom its passage in the Senate, Malcolm Turnbull has come out swinging, warning that marriage equality will be off the agenda for a long time if it doesn’t pass.

Turnbull: W/O Plebiscite, Marriage Equality Won’t Happen For A “Long Time”

“If the Labor Party wants to frustrate that, well all that will mean is that the resolution of the same-sex marriage issue will be postponed potentially for a very long time,” Turnbull told the Australian Financial Review.

This is the double-edged sword of which activists are acutely aware. The plebiscite is likely to be an absolute shitshow, with the No campaign free to prosecute whatever insane angle they want to – given news that advertising truth laws likely won’t apply to plebiscite campaign ads. But at the same time, the likelihood of a free vote under the Coalition is slim-to-none.

Turnbull has argued that Shorten’s opposition to the plebiscite means that the Labor leader simply doesn’t trust the Aussie electorate to have a civil conversation. Turnbull himself has confirmed he and his wife would both vote Yes.

Source: Sky News.

Photo: Getty Image / Ryan Pierse.