A 23-year-old Somali refugee is begging Malcolm Turnbull to let her come to Australia for an abortion, after she was raped on Nauru.

According to reports, “Abyan” (not her real name), is 11 or more weeks pregnant. Lawyer George Newhouse, acting on her behalf, wrote to Mr Turnbull and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton demanding a response by 5pm yesterday, but yesterday told Fairfax: “Five o’clock has passed, we’ve had no response from the government.”

Another refugee, 26-year-old “Namja” (also not her real name), is also begging to come to Australia after being raped by two men.

She was the subject of the distressing footage obtained and broadcast by ABC’s 7:30 last week, in which you hear her crying on the phone to police while hiding in a cave, terrified the men will come back. She says it took four hours for police to answer her plea.

Namja lives freely in Nauru, after Australia refused to take her.

Speaking to 7:30 about the rape victims, Daniel Webb of the Human Rights Law Centre said they act for several women who’ve suffered sexual assaults on Nauru, who have been returned to Australia for medical treatment.

“These are women of different ages with different histories from different parts of the world, but what they have in common is they are all absolutely terrified of being sent back to Nauru.”

“As much as the Nauruan Government might try and say otherwise, the reality is that the Nauruan justice system and the rule of law in Nauru is in complete disarray. Not only is Nauru an unsafe place for vulnerable women and children that Australia sends there, but the Nauruan justice system can’t protect them.”

When 7:30 sought comment from Mr Dutton, his office said:

“Alleged incidents within the regional processing centre are investigated and where appropriate referred to the Nauru Police Force for investigation. Refugees living in the community are encouraged to report all incidents of sexual assault to the Police.” [Read the entire statement HERE.]

Picture: Scott Barbour via Getty Images.

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