Look, it goes without saying really but, no, not that Tupac Shakur. A 40-year-old Tennessee man who also happens to be named Tupac Amaru Shakur has been arrested by the Johnson City Police Department on charges of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, simple possession of meth and possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia, according to a police statement.

The Johnson City Police Department’s report says that Shakur was arrested in Johnson City on Saturday, after allegedly threatening officers with a knife:

At 5:41 p.m., officers responded to a call at 2215 E Unaka Ave. in reference to an individual who had active warrants from Carter County Sheriff’s Department. As they arrived, officers observed a vehicle leaving with the suspect inside. The vehicle was later located 1908 E Unaka Ave. and contact was made with Tupac Shakur who was sitting in the passenger seat. Officers attempted to placed him in custody and he pulled away reaching at his waistband. Mr. Shakur then attempted to turn towards officers with a knife in his hand before being taken to the ground. After a brief struggle, Mr. Shakur was placed in custody. Mr. Shakur was in possession of a syringe and multiple baggies of methamphetamine.

Shakur did not make his US$18,000 bond and is being held in the Washington County Detention Center until his arraignment hearing, which will take place on Monday afternoon, local time.

Image: Johnson City Police Department