Early this morning, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 hit Japan‘s northeastern prefecture of Fukushima

Now, residents are being told to evacuate immediately, as a tsunami is headed straight for the region. The tsunami has been reportedly been seen 20km off the coast of Fukushima.

Evacuation sirens have been turned off and are currently sounding, and Japan’s meteorological agency is urging residents to leave all coastal and riverside areas. 

They are also telling residents not to leave emergency evacuation zones, as the tsunami will reportedly hit repeatedly.

It’s estimated that the tsunami height will be approximately 3 metres, but it “could be higher”.

A ‘Tsunami Warning’ (immediate) has been issued for Fukushima, while surrounding coastal areas in north eastern and eastern Japan have been issued with a ‘Tsunami Advisory’, where they are predicting tsunami waves of up to 1 metre.

A short while ago, a 60cm tsunami was seen at Onahama Port in Fukushima, which is being shown on NHK World live video currently

A few smaller tsunami waves have already hit, so media are telling residents that the power will increase and the height will get larger and larger after these initial waves:

Tsunami Headed For Fukushima In Japan After Huge 7.3-Magnitude Earthquake

They are consistently seeing changes to the tide level in the area, which likely means the water will soon flood the coastal area:

In 2011, a tsunami caused by an earthquake completely destroyed the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. NHK has reported that currently, Tokyo Electric Power is currently checking the plant for damage. 

We will continually update information on this story. 

Source: NHK / Twitter.