Continuing the tried and true tradition of mirthfully laughing at broadcast journos paid to read the weather really fast in increasingly bizarre locations, we present to you this Irish weatherman who was blown away on live TV on Friday morning.

The weatherman for morning show ‘Ireland: am‘ on Irish free-to-air channel TV3, Deric Hartigan, took his bright orange brolly out into the lashing rain of an Irish summer’s day, and started his broadcast like any broadcast, in a soft lilting accent, which I will reproduce here, in case you don’t speak Irish: 

It’s not a great old start to Friday morning, it’s wet and it’s pretty windy out there and that’s the picture we’re painting right across the weekend. 

Plenty of scattered showers in the mix, we’ll have full details. All the latest traffic to help you avoid those hotspots…plus lots of your photos – to put a bit of a ooooh – smile on your face.”

That “oooh” there? That’s the sound of surprise Hartigan made when his umbrella turned inside out and blew him out of frame. Literally. He, a grown man, overpowered by the force of the wind, and the power of his big ol’ brolly. 

Ireland: am’ presenters Sinead Desmond and Mark Cagney could not contain their laughter as the broadcast cut back to them, and to be frank, neither can we rn.  

Hartigan recovered, gaining mastery over his broken umbrella, and ultimately found it all pretty funny: 

The only thing that would make this better is if the weatherman being blown away was Channel 10‘s Tim Bailey, and he was blown into the sea.  

Oh just joshin’, Tim’s alright. 

Photo: TV3. 

Source: The Daily Edge.