Trump’s Lawyers Gave A Scoop To The NYT By Talking Loudly At A Steakhouse

The thing about managing people is that if things keep going wrong and you’ve got no idea why then the problem is most likely internal, not external. And hot damn is that apparently ever-true of the Trump Administration and its associated Green Acres lookin’ ass-cast of relics, hangers on, and ne’er-do-wells.

President Donald Trump, since practically the exact second he took over the Oval Office, has constantly bickered and complained about the media leaks that have dogged his extremely short amount of time in the White House thus far.

Those of you keenly plugged into coverage of the current Presidential Circus may have seen a curiously detailed account of the internal fighting amongst Trump’s legal teams that the New York Times published over the weekend. The article detailed the acrimony between two key figures: the first being, Ty Cobb, a moustachioed Stonemason’s Lodge oil painting come to life who is the chief legal mind behind Trump’s response to the ongoing Robert Mueller investigation into links between the Trump Presidential campaign and Russian-backed digital interference. The second being Don McGahn, the current chief White House Counsel.

Reportedly, the biff between the pair centres on the fact that Cobb believes the White House should be more forthcoming and cooperative with Mueller’s many requests for information and documents from the White House, whereas McGahn would apparently quite like it if Mueller fucked off and stopped asking so many damned questions.

It turns out that the Times knows about this because Cobb very loudly bitched about the whole ordeal while eating lunch at a steakhouse that’s literally across the road from the NYT’s bureau in Washington D.C.

One of the reporters attached to the article, Kenneth P. Vogel, was sitting one table over from Cobb and White House lawyer John Dowd at the BLT Steak restaurant in D.C. (a place reportedly frequented by White House types) and clearly overheard the whole dang thing.

Outside table. Across the road from a place where journalists work. In the middle of the god damned day.

It seems that Trump’s staffers are so utterly bereft of self-awareness that they’re simply not registering their surroundings, or they’re so profoundly arrogant that they could not give a shit.

Either way, it’s baffling.