Trump’s Custom-Built Limo Fts. Tear Gas Cannons & Bottles Of His Blood Type

Donald Trump might *appear* confident but anyone with that many enemies has got to harbour concerns about his mortality.
As he gears up for Inauguration Day, serious cash and effort is being poured into ensuring his safety where he’s most vulnerable- on the road.
Or, if you’re familiar with one of 2015’s best moments, around bald eagles.
Rather than riding around in the nearly a dozen limos that have served Obama since ’09, a custom-built and insanely kitted-out fleet of new presidential limos – nicknamed ‘The Beast’ – will get Trump from A to B when he’s Prez.
Reportedly worth $AUD2 million, his 12 replacement Cadillacs are loaded with intense weaponry, including tear gas cannons behind the bumper and a massive shotgun.
Each car’s underside is built of military-grade armour to protect against the possibility of roadside bombs, while only the drivers’ side window can open for the purposes of paying tolls etc (the thinking being that it’d be harder for a would-be assassin to shoot or otherwise injure Trump through a front window).
The doors are so heavy that he won’t be able to open them from the inside, while all the windows of the plush seven-seater are totally bulletproof / sealed to withstand biological and chemical attacks.
Even though it’s built to withstand pretty much any assassination attempt or medical emergency, no one’s taking any chances – there’s a life support machine and a bottles of Trump’s blood type in the trunk of every car, should the ambulance that always travels with the Prez motorcade get separated.
All this for a set of wheels he’ll only use for trips of max 30 mins (longer ones are taken by in Air Force One, or the Prez chopper, Marine One).

Photo: Getty / Michele Sandberg.