Yanks & Aussies Had Completely Opposite Responses To The Trump / Turnbull Call

It’s surprising that people can still find something to enjoy in the roasting Malcolm Turnbull got from Donald Trump back in February, but by Jove they’ve found themselves a way. After the full transcript leaked – of Trump being rambling angry and incomprehensible, and Turnbull being obsequious and meek – people have been having a real good time with it.

Many of the responses have been focused on not only Trump’s incomprehensible anger and Turnbull’s uselessness, but also the utterly transactional nature of a conversation which is fundamentally about human beings.




But besides being a sobering reflection of politics divorced from humanity and a reminder that no matter what kind of insanity is going down in the United States, Australia is still leagues ahead when it comes to human rights abuse, it is also… you know, very odd.

There’s an interesting division between Australians and Americans on it, actually – Americans tend to think Turnbull destroyed Trump with facts and logic, when most Australians think Turnbull is clearly insanely eager to please and seems far more forthcoming on the real motivations behind our country’s border policy than he is with actual voters.

Behold – Americans (and others) thinking Turnbull somehow was the sensible adult in this chat:


I think we can all agree that they both suck quite a bit.