The gloves are off, dear folks. Now that the US Presidential Election has been run and won, the real fight is only just beginning. And far from it being in a recount facility, or in widespread protesting against his abhorrent policy promises, the first drops of blood against President-elect Donald Trump have been spilled directly on Trump Tower.

Or, more specifically, Trump Tower’s listing on Google Maps.

The 5th Avenue NYC location of Castle Greyskull Trump’s chief HQ is the subject of a little back-and-forth between folks from both sides of the ledger keen to add a more appropriate moniker to the definitely-not-overcompensating-for-something phallic monolith that looks like it was decorated according to Liberace’s last will & testament.

Over the weekend, some intrepid sod managed to circumvent Google’s “crackdown” on “no renaming places out of spite” policy by re-dubbing the building “Dump Tower,” a name that quickly shot its way around the internet and remained up for a solid handful of hours.

Never ones to sit on their laurels, Trump’s forever-subtle deplorables returned serve with their own amendment to the listing, which as of the time of writing has Trump Tower listed as “Trump the Great Tower.”

Trump Tower Is The Target Of A Heated Renaming Battle By Google Maps Nerds

This grammatically clunky new title poses a lot of questions, to be honest. Is the tower’s name actually Trump, and are people now just championing the fact they reckon it’s a belter of a building? Or have they reached the consensus that the tower itself is great, and are now daring any property developer with a set to try and best it?

Regardless, renaming public spaces and landmarks to more accurately reflect their core function is 100% a trend I can fully get behind.

Hell, in Melbourne it could do wonders for navigational clarity. You could renamed the Melbourne Eye something like “World’s Emptiest Wheel,” the Yarra River could take on its clearly more proper title of “The Uncrossable Border,Revolver could cop something far more accurate like “Chemist’s Warehouse,” and Punt Rd Oval would absolutely need to carry the burden of a title like “Where Hope Goes To Die.”

Melway eat yer heart out.

UPDATE: It’s back to being Dump Tower again. Clearly, the only way out of this fight is death.

Trump Tower Is The Target Of A Heated Renaming Battle By Google Maps Nerds

Source: Twitter.

Photo: Twitter.