Trump Reportedly Golfs So Much ‘Cos He Reckons The White House Is “A Dump”

Regardless of what side of the political divide you’re on, you must concede one point: Donald Trump golfs absolutely heaps. The man loves to golf or at least be nearby when golf is happening.

Now we know might know why – at least in part. According to – a publication known for its hard-hitting political journalism – Trump told members at one of his golf courses that he makes such frequent appearances because the White House is “a dump”.

The club in question is the Trump National Bedminster in New Jersey. The quote from the article is here, in full:

He has his own cottage adjacent to the pool; it was recently given a secure perimeter by the Secret Service, leading to the inevitable joke that it’s the only wall Trump has successfully built,” Golf magazine reported. “Chatting with some members before a recent round of golf, he explained his frequent appearances: ‘That White House is a real dump.”

This certainly stands in contrast to articles around the time of Trump’s inauguration, where he described being awed by the historical architecture and luxury of the White House. Guess the novelty wears off.

The article is actually worth a read in full. It covers Trump’s unusual relationship with golf, and his longtime obsession with the sport as a status symbol for the rich and powerful. It is also notable that Trump roasted Obama for golfing too much, and proceeded to spend as much as 20% of his time as president teeing up himself.

Anyway. The White House is apparently a dump. You heard it here first, folks.