Trump Posted Then Deleted A Very Bad Twitter Image & Was Rightly Roasted

There’s something exceptionally deranged about someone as prolific a tweeter as Donald Trump who still doesn’t know how to use the damn thing.

Earlier today, his Twitter header image scored itself a snazzy lil’ update. Trump, as President of the United States, used all the resources at his disposal and found someone with a proclivity in Microsoft Paint to whip this up:

That, mates, is his several-hours-old tweet shopped on top of his Twitter header.

It begs so many questions. Why didn’t Trump simply pin his tweet?

Why didn’t the President’s social media team optimise it for desktop AND mobile?

And why didn’t he just tweet “I am not guilty, nor am I mad” four thousand times and call it a day?

The tweet is in response to Monday’s Senate hearing on Russia, where both former acting attorney general Sally Yates and the former director of national intelligence James Clapper Jr testified – and while the former delivered a smackdown of wonderful proportions, it was the latter that sent Trump into a tizzy.

It’s all because Clapper, in a March 5 interview with NBC, said that there was no evidence of collusion between members of the Trump team and Russia “to the best of my knowledge”, a claim that’s been dragged up again and again by Trump and his lackeys (mostly Sean Spicer) whenever news reports on the Russian story emerge.

However, at the hearing today, Clapper said that it was standard policy for him to be uncertain about ongoing counterintelligence investigations. As Mother Jones points out, Clapper essentially destroyed Trump’s back-pocket arsenal in one afternoon.

Which brings us to the tweet and subsequent header. As several people have pointed out, Trump’s Twitter header is basically the 2017 version of Richard Nixon‘s infamous 1973 statement: “I’m not a crook.”

It’s also evidence to him being not mad online, at all.

Obviously, everyone took the piss pretty much immediately.

Which was good, because in the time between starting this article and finishing this article, Trump – or someone with even a basic concept of how Twitter works – took his ridiculous header down.

We’re back to a bunch of balding white men forced to thumbs up, folks.

Photo: Twitter.