Donald Trump’s trip to hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico has demonstrated the guy is effectively useless in a disaster situation. It’s not only his disparaging remarks about the U.S. province that give that impression, it’s also his actions. Specifically, the wildly casual flicking of his right wrist.

Video captured at an aid centre in Guaynabo shows a POTUS surrounded by locals in need of assistance. As it stands, only 7% of the region has power, and there have been massive shortages of food and drinking water.

So, surrounded by those looking to him for help, Trump saw it fit to free-throw packages of paper towel into the crowd.

Yep. It appears that if he had a t-shirt cannon handy, he’d have deployed that one too.

It’s not the first time in recent weeks Trump’s attempts to help have suggested he really, uh, has no bloody clue what he’s doing.

While doling out aid to the similarly hurricane-impacted city of Houston, the guy handed a big ol’ bucket of supplies to a man seated in the driver’s seat of a ute – not the clearly empty tray, which any reasonably-adjusted human would opt for.

He also told the guy to “have a good time.” 

Regarding Trump’s initial tweeted response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas, in which he sent his “warmest condolences” to families of the victims, The New Yorker’s Adam Gopnik writes that the president “speaks empathy as a foreign language and makes the kinds of mistakes we all make in a second language that we have barely mastered, placing adjectives in places that no native speaker ever would.”

Same goes for towel-tossing.

Image: The Washington Post / YouTube