Two Big Boys Meet

Look at the above photo. Let’s assume you – either by ignorance or a curse – don’t know who Scott Morrison or Donald Trump are. What would you assume was going on here? Some thought starters:

  • Two former Penrith Panthers players in the corporate box for State of Origin, absolutely stoked on the quality of the buffet offerings.
  • Two Eagle Boys Pizza franchisees at the annual summit, circa 1996, just after a successful icebreaker activity.
  • Two dads captured outside the venue of a Year 10 formal. One of their cars is blocking the entry for a stretch limo.
  • That’s a Lowes ad.

Sadly, it’s none of these things. This is Scott Morrison and Donald Trump before a dinner meeting at the G20 summit in Osaka. ScoMo used the opportunity to lobby Trump about the president’s trade war with China, which will likely impact Australia, given our reliance on trade with both countries.

“For Australians, we are a trading nation,” Morrison told the ABC after the meeting.

“One in five jobs are dependent on trade, that is why events like this are important, not just dealing with the United States but the many other participants.”

Trump, who has spent somewhere between 75 and 80 percent of his presidency either playing or thinking about golf, says he’s keen to come down to Australia for the Presidents Cup golf tournament. Morrison thinks he will:

I think there is a reasonable chance. He is obviously a passionate follower of the sport and the tournament is actually named after the President so I think it would be great for Melbourne and for the tournament.

Isn’t it lovely that our respective big boys had a good time chatting over dinner. Hope you’re all having a great Friday.