Donald Trump appears to be in the middle of testing a theory that he could say whatever the hell he wants, and would still get the votes.

We’re referring to his recent comments at a campaign stop in Wilmington, North Carolina, where it sounded very much like he told the crowd to go out and assassinate Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary wants to abolish the Second Amendment,” he said, getting into the hotly debated topic of gun control.

“By the way, if she gets to pick her [Supreme Court] judges, nothing you can do folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

It’s not like America has a history of presidents getting shot– ah. Hang on a tic.

As you could imagine, this is not going down well. Trump is getting crucified across the board – except for his media team, who’re taking breaks from repeatedly smashing their faces into nearby hard surfaces to issue statements explaining that he didn’t actually mean what we think he means.

“Donald Trump was obviously talking about American voters who are passionate about their Second Amendment rights and advocating they use that power at the ballot box,” his media advisor Jason Miller said, which is kinda weird considering that either candidate would only be able to pick the judges *after* being elected president.

“The Clinton campaign is desperate and is obviously throwing all sorts of outrageous charges. I am surprised so many reporters are falling hook-line-and-sinker for what is obviously a ridiculous charge.”

Trump May Or May Not Have Told Gun Totin’ Voters To Assassinate Hillary

Miller also appeared on CNN to claim that “sometimes [Trump] says things that the way they come out are not the way that he means… he misspeaks a lot.” Christ.

It’s a common refrain of Trump’s to blame the “dishonest” media whenever he sticks his foot in it, but as this vine clearly shows, it’s not just the media who’ve picked up on this whole ‘assassination’ thing.


US Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter Bernice King are among those slamming Trump’s comments on Twitter.

Even the former head of the CIA, retired General Michael Hayden, told CNN that “if someone else had said that outside the hall, he’d be in the back of a police wagon now with the Secret Service questioning him. You’re not just responsible for what you say. You are responsible for what people hear.”

Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook issued a two sentence statement, which is really all this shit-show needs.

“This is simple – what Trump is saying is dangerous. A person seeking to be President of the United States should not suggest violence in any way.”

Can’t fault you there.

Photo: Getty / Sara D. Davis.